Island has an area of ​​43.0 km ², being the second largest island in Costa Rica. The chireños are simple and very friendly people. Here peace and tranquility of a simple fishing village that has comeforward with what the sea gives them breath. The island is made up of six communities, in total, hasthree schools and a college.

   Reaching the island becomes an absolute adventure for visitors, must be made by a boat that leaves from the center or from Puntarenas or from called ‘Costa Birds’, once on the island should take an old schoolbus that leads to the island. Hopefully the bus will drop you off at your destination, but you will have towalk or to ask for a local for shopping, where you will certainly be treated very kindly.


   In addition to such natural beauty that can be seen, the charisma of the people, Chira Island is veryknown for the women entrepreneurs who work together. In total there are four women’s organizationsthat work for the island and its own economy, Doña Liliana Martinez is one of them; she and other women created the Posada la Amistad over 20 years ago which would serve as a source of income and despite not having the support of the men were able to get ahead with their project. Then came two groups of women concerned about conserving mangroves, they work hard from Monday to Friday to reforest the mangrove and keep it clean of trash that the tides bring in, and for them is paramount due to themangroves, because of these same choras are removed, mollusks and oysters, which helps theeconomy. Doña Consuelo is one of the many women who work with love for their land for the legacy they are leaving their children. The group of artisans are responsible for collecting shells from the beach to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets and many more crafts.

Gupos de mujeres

Experience all the beauty of this island, talk to these women and hearing their stories is an experiencenot to be missed. La Academia de Español D’Amore will help you to learn the essential Spanish to visit an unforgettable group of woman that represent the essence of the Costa Rica people. Those of you that want to learn Spanish in Costa Rica will have an opportunity to visit a truly remarkable community.