Easter Week in Manuel Antonio

La semana más importante La ciudad, la playa o la montaña… El lugar no importa para vivir el misterio pascual GLORIANA GÓMEZ Cada año, entre abril y marzo, la comunidad católica celebra lo que se ha dado a llamar la Semana Santa, que en sí es una reflexión del misterio pascual, mismo que conmemora […] Read More

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Weather in Manuel Antonio, Quepos today. Esta caliente !!!

Whats the weather like where you are?? Check out our local temperature at our school today.


Sunsets in Costa Rica are spectacular!

One of our gifts to you is the daily sunset. It goes down at about 5:30 pm all year long. We all take a few minutes to stop what we are doing to enjoy the natural beauty of Manuel Antonio, all for free! These views can not be matched with a painting or photograph. You […] Read More

La Academia D’Amore shakes!

Our U.S. office in Los Angeles, California woke up to a nice earthquake this morning. Everyone is fine and rockin and rollin. Books fell off the shelves but no damage. Give them a call to check things out. (818) 434-7290

Why Study Spanish in Costa Rica?

Why Study Spanish in Costa Rica?

As well as an incredibly unique holiday in tropical Costa Rica, you will experience a warm culture that welcomes foreigners that practice Spanish. Learning another language will provide you a new perspective of this small world in which we live. Manuel Antonio is magnet for so many people from all over the globe that wants […] Read More

Latin dance classes in Manuel Antonio

Latin dance classes in Manuel Antonio

Our school offers Latin Dance, merengue, salsa, cumbia, among other styles for our students. Enjoy the music, laughs  while learning the language during your studies. It is one of our favorite activities. Stay young and dance!  All in Spanish. Costa Rican are known for dancing before they can walk! Join the fun. A bailar!

community spanish

Students studying Spanish in the Community

  Our students range from absolute beginners to advanced speakers of the language. Also, students are suggested to participate in the home stay program designed to satisfy the fulfillment of a complete immersion in foreign language acquisition. Our school follows the total immersion methodology; One day a week, all students participate in a field trip […] Read More

free conversation class

Open, free Conversation Classes

 We  offer free conversational sessions for one hour everyday for those who want to enhance their speaking ability and a tutorial English class for those who have difficulty with any item studied in class.  The conversation class is exchanged between students and teacher views, opinions, experiences, thoughts and continues many themes that enable him and […] Read More

spanish classes

Our Methodology is based on the Total Immersion Methodology of Teaching.

The classes are conducted completely in Spanish, the interaction with families is completely in Spanish and the textbooks used at the school are also entirely in Spanish. During four hour sessions – in the morning or in the afternoon – students participate actively in small groups of no more than six students. Each student is […] Read More

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Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica!

How is your Spanish coming along? We can help you improve it.