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There are many expectations placed to plan a trip to another country to learn Spanish. This starts of course with the goal of improving grammar, as enrichment lexicon. Then you want an experience where you can practice the language orally by interaction with native speakers. On the other hand, learning the culture locally and try to live it as close as possible, that would go from eating “Gallo Pinto “every morning with the family policy, to travel by public bus and / or “Taxis” with all the experiences that this entails.
Within these and many plans will not calculate the rich feel and human warmth that can be seen to have that close encounter. Slowly, experiences like standing in line to pay a bottle of water in a supermarket, you can show you do not need to know a person to smile or even ask how your day because you can do it and nobody you will see with eyes of wonder.
Another example is, be invited by a new friend to visit the home of his relatives, and upon arrival you realize that you’re not only a guest, treating you like you’re family from the distance, make you part of their activities of the day; activities as watch the game of “Sele” with a baked carnita and refreshments, take a bingo to the village school for a social good or be the keeper of a party familiar (“mejenga”) where they celebrate goals for or against, but enjoy every second with your loved ones without thinking about the material, but in human.
Thus, as experiences how are you gradually get a perspective your “inner” if there are still things to explore, feelings that meet or lessons to learn. They teach that for many, the key is to be happy with what they have and not what they do lack materially.