This occurred 29 years before the events of Chicago that gave rise to International Workers Day . The Socialist Workers’ Congress of the Second International, held in Paris in 1889, appointed May 1 celebration of the labor movement as a tribute to the martyrs of Chicago, unionists killed for their struggle for the eight hour day which originated in strike May 1, 1886, completed four days in the Haymarket Riot.
The movement was socialist and anarchist breaths, essentially anticapitalist court. In Chicago, on 1st May the memory of these events usually go completely unnoticed.
In Costa Rica the 1 May celebrations begin in 1913, this was celebrated with parades and events in which they remember those who fought for all workers.
Few Costa Ricans know that May 1 is a holiday in our country since 1857, but not for the occasion of International Labour Day. On 1 May 1857 came the surrender of William Walker. On May 1 should be remembered and celebrated in Costa Rica as “day of glory for the Latin race who has defended their religion and their country and properly teach a lesson to the wild horde trying wallow in the most disgraceful slavery,” the message President Juan Rafael Mora Porras Congress 1857.
Today, May 1, we all celebrate the diligent and dedicated efforts of us all.