We often dream of traveling to a different and nice place to spend a weekend at least. 


Corcovado Adventures (www.corcovado.com) is a great choice if you are attracted to remarkable nature and the beach. This last weekend we were invited to travel to Drake Bay, our friend Larry, owner of Corcovado Adventures gave us the opportunity to see  his ‘tentcamp’ and all the natural beauty that is contained in that place. 

Here, the camp, the food and the staff are great, the people are very friendly and hospitable. In Corcovado you can just walk up the mountain and the beach or you can walk the tour of Corcovado National Park, where different species of birds and monkeys can be seen as well as deer and tapirs and many, many other animals surround you. 


La Academia D’Amore encourages you to plan a great weekend at this beautiful place, Corcovado Adventures will receive you with great affection. You will cherish the memories forever.1274896_10205159968786813_1179656648537673930_o