In Costa Rica, mainly in tourist areas we experience two seasons based on tourist arrivals to the country, high season and low season, the latter is often refered to as the green season.
Mainly the months of August to November offseason is here, because there is not much tourism at this time and many locals close or reduce their hours and with fewer staff. This green season is called winter in Costa Rica.
The high season is between the months of December to July, in the summer months we go to the beach or mountains which is when  your dreams become reality, sun-filled days to enjoy the beaches. At this time we can see more foreigners in the streets, trade and tourism mainly in local beaches that are ready to welcome tourists both foreign and national. More jobs are created for greater attention and service
In the high season everything is crazy, we see people everywhere enjoying the natural beauty that Costa Rica offers.
We wait for this season to come and enjoy our beautiful beach in Manuel Antonio and of course the National Park, besides that they can learn more about our culture and our language, at the Academia D’Amore we will be waiting for enjoy with you this summer 2015.  Is there really a better destination to learn and improve your Spanish? Throughout the year we are always open working alongside foreign students from many countries.
Nos vemos!