Like all languages, Spanish varies depending on where you are, mainly in terms of idioms. That’s why here we give five sentences that may cause misunderstanding in Costa Rica and depends on the context which can become dangerous.
1. “Estoy excitado/a ” – a phrase that causes confusion because of its similarity to the English phrase “I’m excited”. The confusion exists because in English it is used to express emotion to something, for example, go to a concert or go to beach. However, in  Spanish, this phrase is used in a sexual context.
2. Estoy caliente “I’m hot” – this phrase usually used to express the body temperature, or to mean that temperature is hot, but Costa Rica, depends on how you say it and it can be taken in a sexual context as well.
3. “Ano vs. Año “- This is one of the confusions that are not dangerous, but if they can cause a reaction and even ridicule in some cases. Therefore ano is a part of the body while año is the time (365 days) is used for age. So, how old are you? The answer would be “año,” but if you really want to ask the age you should say “¿cuántos años tiene? We recommend that you memorize this.
4. Estoy embarazada/o “I am pregnant / or” – should be careful with this phrase, especially if you are a man, because in fact what is meant is that you are expecting a baby, its meaning is found in a embarrassing situation, the recommended sentence is “I am ashamed”.
5. “Preservativos vs. Preservantes “- condoms are contraceptives methods while preservatives are substances used to preserve food longer. Be careful to use these words, they must be used in very different contexts.