relajacionIf you are one of those people who had the idea of studying Spanish, but does not know even know how to start the plan; We can help here.  Of course it is a language that has been on the rise, as the number of people traveling in the world to learn it. You should consider primarily the experience of the immersion mode or methodology.

 It’s a good idea to go to a Spanish speaking country and learn the language and also possible to participate in the culture. In this case, it is an experience for everyone: families, friends, coworkers, student groups, couples or even alone.

Below is a list of five reasons to study on beaches in Costa Rica.
  1. 1. They are places full of nature, it will make them feel in harmony with the environment, therefore relaxed during the process; very important thing for your brain. Have a good balance and better use of language. That stress is not a sitting in a lecture, but on holiday with the goal of learning a language.


  1. cultura2. A second reason, and is very connected to this, is people. According to the “Happy Planet Index “, Costa Rica is the happiest country on earth. From there, it can be said that besides being happy, the Ticos are very kind and helpful. The hospitality given to the tourists is very entertaining, and is about cultivating a seed in them by showing that tico is fundamental for being helpful and happy.


  1. 3. They are small and even familiar places or customized in some cases compared to big cities.  In these places you will make friends easily ticos (as mentioned above Ticos are very friendly and sympathetic), those with which you can talk on the bus, on the beach, in the street, the fair etc., can be sure to meet any new friends one other day and put in practice the language.


  1. 4. Accessibility there is another reason; Always find public transport accessible, in addition to being small spaces can be mobilized from one place to another sometimes walking even rent a bike or public transportation.


    1. 5. A variety of extracurricular activities which can be immersed in the culture and be partaken in is volunteer programs. Also do walks in the woods, on the beach, in the village, visiting schools or institutions without need to spend much money for it. Of course, all this leads to the practice of the language.

We hope these tips are helpful for you when putting together your plan.

Good luck and see you soon!!!playa