ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE feels very honored and proud to stand out the benefits of living with a Costa Rican family. Students participating in the home stay program while learning Spanish in our Academia can be assured that their stay with a “Tico” family will prove to be an enriching linguistic and cultural Exchange.

Our former students have all expressed that this program is one of the best aspects of the school. The home stay program begins the first day of class, when your host family picks up at the school, and finishes the Saturday after your last class at 12:00 noon. An extension of this program is possible if cleared by the school. We would like to present some of the guidelines to guarantee that the home stay experience will be as beneficial as possible for families and students involved.

As a guest with a Costa Rican family, you will be treated as one of their members. Spanish will be the target language used on a daily basis, and the family members will become your everyday linguistic and cultural learning source.

A fully equipped clean bedroom and laundry service will be provided with the home stay program. By participating in this program, students should realize the importance of respecting and adhering to the family’s values and rules. Although students will receive a key to the house and will be free to keep their own schedule, ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE instills students to respect the eating times, to maintain their bedroom clean, and to avoid overnight guests at all times.

One of the strongest experiences of learning and living with Costa Ricans is to feel their friendliness and warmth, given naturally.

We invite you to live this program and to experience a truly exceptional cultural and linguistic Exchange.

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