imagesThe official language of Costa Rica is Spanish; However, Costa Rica is a linguistically diverse country, because despite being geographically small, five indigenous languages ​​are spoken, namely maleku, cabécar, Bribri, Guaymi and big mouth. Furthermore, Atlantic region, mostly inhabited by Afro-Caribbean ethnicity, a variety of PEC known by the name of Mekatelyu speech.

Traditionally, Costa Rica has not had a policy of accepting its multiculturalism. The greatest advance that has occurred in this regard was the reform of article 76 of its Constitution, which currently reads as follows: Spanish is the official language of the nation. However, the State shall ensure the preservation and development of national indigenous languages.

This is a brief summary of our language and the language in our beloved Costa Rica, but we can say that the Ticos have a very special accent and conjugation of the Spanish language.

One speaks within a population is a reflection of which social group. In Costa Rica, it is very common that we use especially the “paging”, ie we combine with you, not with the “you”, as in many other countries. The next you make an archaism. Areas that were more insulated from the direct influence of transformation of Spain retains you; areas that have a more direct influence with the Spanish colony accept the changes in speech and use your.

You have to understand that here in Costa Rica should not talk about you, only non Costa Ricans that those that do are talking about you or to you, this depending on trust. The phenomenon of familiarity is new in Costa Rica, and is serious because it means that our defenses are as a people on the ground, because the refuge of the strength of a people is their speech. 

Predominantly we use you because it is not very decent talk about you, and not only because television imposes this fashion, but also because it would justify changing the intonation in speech.

You have to say you have it, and you supistes, or you comistes.

The influence of the use of “you” it is because some people think that if intimate terms, has more cache, when it is rather the opposite, because it is said to people that society occupies a lower place and use the familiarity to be feel that is above where it is socially, which is complete nonsense.

It is assumed that they do not know the person or an elderly person there is a sense of respect, so it must deal with you, ah unless it is the father or mother. In Costa Rica, you have 2 levels to deal with those who do not know and very close to the people having a charge of affection.

We can conclude that Costa Rica is very respectful to speak, slow and unhurried tone and a permanent willingness to friendly dialogue.The pronunciation of the ‘S’ and the ‘R’ is very strong that it becomes very clear and understandable.