Many people from around the world travel to countries speaking with the aim of taking Spanish courses or participate in immersion experiences to learn Spanish and / or improve it. Some take courses of up to two months or longer, living with a local family, experiencing the culture and even participating in volunteer service to further enrich their experience.

The question is: what can I do to return to my country after that experience to continue my Spanish?

 There are many options to keep the experience alive. Within which we recommend:

1. Communicate by emails in Spanish with new Spanish speaking friends.

2. Leverage existing social networks to maintain contact with Spanish-speaking friends and different people that can help improve the language and keep up the practice.

3. Watch movies in Spanish to practice listening to the language.

4. Listen to music in Spanish with the purpose of learning new vocabulary and sharpen the ear on the tongue.

5. Watch videos in Spanish on YouTube like series that are comprehensible and useful to feed your  language skills.

6. Talk by Skype with known Spanish speakers.

7. Write stories in Spanish in a notebook at least once a week to improve production and practice grammar.

8. Review the grammar notes in Spanish at least twice a week to support and nurture your skills in Spanish.

9. If possible, be a volunteer in any organization to work with Spanish speakers.

We hope you can meet some of the recommendations, this will assure that you keep your Spanish alive and may even improve it to a greater extent.

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We will help you continue to learn.