Maybe you’re one of those who has always had the desire to study a language, or simply the desire recently emerged. However you question whether there is still time to do so. And maybe have arisen in your mind questions how you: Will I be able to memorize all that new vocabulary? Will I learn new grammatical structures? Or it will be too late to start?
You can be that person who took Spanish courses for many years, and you think you have forgotten everything he learned, or just now that you have retired and want to visit Spanish-speaking countries want to learn a little of the language. Well, you have good news, and not for love no age, nor to learn. So forget about your limitations age, because only in the mind, the youth are in the spirit and desire.
Now, if it bothers you not be as fast as before, or your memory not I mean, do not get discouraged. You got something on your behalf so that you do not have any teenager. You have learned how to learn. You know what strategies work in your case and which, however, they are just a waste of time. It’s posible your brain is not as agile as that of someone who has half your years, but you have better skills, such as learning autonomous.
So, go ahead. Give wings to your dreams and fly in the Grand Tour Spanish.