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On this day 190 years ago, a very important fact in our Costa Rican territory, the territory was annexed Nicoya to Costa Rica. Here they share a bit of history “policy”:

When the independence of Central America in 1821 declared, Nicaraguan authorities began to have some influence on the Nicoya. However, Nicaragua was a state with many internal problems and people felt more identified with our country. 

So the people of Nicoya in open council agreed to raise a letter led by its chief, Cupertino Briceño, asking annexation to the province of Costa Rica. At that time Costa Rica was not yet a republic, therefore request you should Nicoya Party presented to the general Congress of Guatemala. When the congress met, Costa Rican deputies reported the request of Nicoya submitting all documents and records signed by Cupertino Briceño, who was the mayor of Nicoya and who proposed the idea of ​​annexation. 

Clarified that its territorial situation, the people of what is now Guanacaste will have greater advantages belonging to Costa Rica. On July 25, 1824 it was finally confirmed the agreement; members of the town of Nicoya, assembled in Town Meeting, solemnly declared that they saw themselves as part of the integrated state of Costa Rica. The head of state of our country at that time was Don Juan Mora Fernández. 

To celebrate the Ticos of this great feast of the annexation of Nicoya we must consider some important vocabulary. 

Typical meals, we can see many Costa Rican dishes, corn-based foods like tortillas and tamales. 

Traditional costumes, the schools have children dressed in black pants a white shirt with scarf on his neck and machete next to their waist; while girls wear petticoats with beautiful colors. These garments represent how people dressed as before in Costa Rica. 

Typical dances, with these amazing costumes can be seen as representations of the Guanacaste dances such as ‘el Torito’, ‘the Cambute’, ‘el Punto Guanacasteco’ and the ‘Tica Linda’ and more. 


Live and enjoy the party with our friends Nicoyans!