How to Speak Spanglish

How to Speak Spanglish

How to Speak Spanglish

Una clase de Spanglish, para relajarnos un rato. Recuerden que en la Academia D’Amore les ofrecemos clases de español para que no les pase lo que les pasó a este par de muchachos.

Nuestros estudiantes!

Queremos comentarles que hace un poco mas de dos años iniciamos con la idea de llenar esta pared en la oficina de fotos  de estudiantes que nos han acompañado. Esto lo hicimos con la idea de preservar más que un recuerdo de cada estudiante con el que compartimos en la Academia D’Amore, estudiantes que se convierten […] Read More

Private Spanish classes at the Academia D’Amore

If you are in the area of Manuel Antonio, and want to learn Spanish but do not have enough time; we offer you a program of classes ten private lessons per week in the afternoons it will help you learn the vocabulary necessary to communicate with the locals. Please contact us at 2777-0233 or more […] Read More

Teenage Summer Program

Academia D’Amore is the original total immersion Spanish language school and Beach campus in Costa Rica that offers intensive Spanish classes beginning each week all year around. *A secure well-chaperoned summer program for teenagers! *This teen summer language camp, for teens ages 13-17. *Teenagers may register from 1 week up, although we encourage a minimum […] Read More

April 23 , the day of the Book

In 1995 the day the book becomes a WORLD PARTY . World Book Day was proposed by the International Publishers Association (UTE ) , and presented by the Spanish government to the United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO). In 1995 , it was approved proclaim April 23 of each year the […] Read More

Easter in Costa Rica

Each year, between April and March, the Catholic community celebrates what has been called Easter, commemorates the passage of Jesus from death to life. To celebrate Holy Week, as it is also known, Catholics perform various religious activities (processions, meditations, Masses, Way of the Cross, etc.) that recall the Last Supper of Jesus with the […] Read More

New student in La Academia D’Amore

At the Academia de Espanol D’Amore, we teach Spanish as a second language to students of all levels. This time we have a very unique, very interesting case. She is quiet and shy with a great potential for languages. She has already learned something about our culture and human warmth that is ongoing in the […] Read More

Its turquoise waters, white sand and beautiful sunsets make Playa Manuel Antonio Quepos area one of the most beautiful in the world. So said a list drawn up by the travel site TripAdvisor. This Costa Rican destination is ranked 17 of the top 25 beaches in the world. Its biodiversity around the coast and in […] Read More