Corcovado National Park Advetures.


Corcovado National Park Advetures.

We often dream of traveling to a different and nice place to spend a weekend at least.  Corcovado Adventures ( is a great choice if you are attracted to remarkable nature and the beach. This last weekend we were invited to travel to Drake Bay, our friend Larry, owner of Corcovado Adventures gave us the […] Read More

Study spanish in Costa Rica

September 15 in Costa Rica: Independence Day.

We are Ticos, friendly and happy. We are proud to live in a free country where we can choose our president and government leaders, which we have never had the history that is communism, slavery, terrorism. We have 193 years of being an independent country, held around the country with its brilliant colors. We will see “masquerades“ Maroon with music blaring, children and teen dancing in lines and the beating ofthe drums of the bands with their costumes and dress. Of course we can hear the drums of the bandswho practice in schools. It […] Read More

Study Spanish in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

El Día del Niño …… Children’s Day in Costa Rica!

In Costa Rica each September 9 from 1946 is celebrated on these little people with their antics, laughter and games that make our life a magical world. ‘El Día del Niño’ aims to remind all adults that children need to receive respect and love. In Academia D’Amore we know the importance of ensuring the welfare of children […] Read More

Mother’s Day in Costa Rica.

Mother’s Day in Costa Rica.

Visit Manuel Antonio in this Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate those moms who give everything for their children, those ladies who always care about the welfare of their children even if they are already grown. And while celebrating this day varies by country in which we find the important thing is […] Read More

Study Spanish in Costa Rica

Spanish Language Programs for Teens in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

    Each summer the Academia de Español D’Amore Spanish Immersion Center sets up a Teen Spanish language program in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Located adjacent to the Manuel Antonio National Park, the program is ideal due to the fact that the town is both safe and provides a complete Spanish immersion environment.    Teens (high […] Read More


Green Season in Manuel Antonio

In general, it rains a lot more in the Green Season than in the High Season. This season is called the green season because the rain makes everything much greener. It is a great time to visit Manuel Antonio or drier areas because of this. This is also the peak surfer season as the waves […] Read More


In La Academia D’Amore we celebrate the annexation of Nicoya

On this day 190 years ago, a very important fact in our Costa Rican territory, the territory was annexed Nicoya to Costa Rica. Here they share a bit of history “policy”: When the independence of Central America in 1821 declared, Nicaraguan authorities began to have some influence on the Nicoya. However, Nicaragua was a state […] Read More

reforestación de manglar

In Academia D’Amore we can help you plan a great adventure to Isla Chira!!!

       Island has an area of ​​43.0 km ², being the second largest island in Costa Rica. The chireños are simple and very friendly people. Here peace and tranquility of a simple fishing village that has comeforward with what the sea gives them breath. The island is made up of six communities, in total, hasthree schools and a college.    Reaching the island becomes an absolute adventure for visitors, must be made by a boat that leaves from the center or from Puntarenas or from called ‘Costa Birds’, once on the island should take […] Read More

Study Spanish in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, at the Academia de Español D’Amore we are celebrating the World Population Day.

     World Population Day is an annual event that takes place on July 11, which seeks to create  greater awareness of global population issues. The event was established by the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) in 1989, and since then, the Earth has reached five billion people.        People should be […] Read More