For many years, even before Christ the Costa Rican soil was used for agriculture, an activity that was used for aboriginal subsistence, they grew grains like corn, beans and tubers like cassava or potato. When the colonists arrived in Costa Rica, they also adopted their agricultural techniques, these new products were also introduced to the country.
By the time of independence, the economy found in coffee was the product that launched Costa Rica in the global economy. 
The Farmer’s Day is celebrated in Costa Rica since 1967 Deputy Ricardo Román proposed to the Legislature to create a party to honor our farmers. This was chosen on 15 May, Day of San Isidro Labrador, who is the patron saint of farmers.
The work done by farmers is extremely valuable, because they rise very early every day to do their work, caring the soil and plants that are their livelihood.
Celebrate this day….
For farmers,
along Costa Rican history
not only were those who
food produced for domestic
consumption in the country,
but its activity
has been a mainstay on
 which Costa Rica has developed.