ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE offers a very interactive methodology based on the Communicative Approach through the Total Immersion Methodology of Teaching.  This is a way of teaching in which the target language is taught with strong active use without using any translations at all, and it is completely intended to help students achieve communicative competence since day one.

Students learn the Spanish language in a country where it is spoken and interact (for those applying in the home stay program) with Costa Rican families. This methodology stresses a means of organizing a language syllabus, and the emphasis is on breaking down the global concept of language into units of analysis in terms of communicative situations in which they are used.

Students are suggested to participate in the home stay program designed to satisfy the fulfillment of a complete immersion in foreign language acquisition. Local host families are carefully selected and provide two delicious meals daily, cultural interchange and laundry service.

As a guest in a host family, you will be treated as a member of the home by sharing meals and experiences together and enriching your international cultural opportunities. Our past students have commented that this program is one of the best aspects of the school. Alternatively, students can choose beach lodging at one of the many hotels or cabinas which surround the school.

Placement of Students

When the students arrive in our school, they are given an O.P.I. (Oral Proficiency Interview) according to the A.C.T.F.L. standards (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages).

Our placements are based on the Conversational Approach; that means the students are placed according to how much they can produce orally, in small groups of no more than five students. This group size allows students to have a more intense contact with the language and a more personalized interaction with teachers and other classmates.

ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE offers six levels of Spanish proficiency to guarantee the student an appropriate placement. Our students range from absolute beginners to advanced speakers of the language.

The student body is typically comprised of professors, medical professionals, business leaders and students from over 35 countries. Most students participate in the month program although 2 and 3 week courses are also available.

To assure the highest quality education, enrollment is limited to 35 students per month. This allows for individualized attention from our staff. Because our methodology is based on the total immersion and the communicative approach, professors conduct the lessons completely in Spanish.

We also offer lessons on Spanish for specific purposes: Medical Spanish, Spanish for Business, Spanish for Teachers, and Spanish for Lawyers .  For more detailed information, please click here.

Some of our teachers are a member of “ACTFL
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

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