Visit Manuel Antonio in this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate those moms who give everything for their children, those ladies who always care about the welfare of their children even if they are already grown. And while celebrating this day varies by country in which we find the important thing is to thank this special person for all her love and attention she gives to her children. In Costa Rica we celebrate Mother’s Day on August 15 and for many years it has been a day when the great effort of being a mom is commemorated. 

And what better gift for mom than to give her the opportunity to travel and experience Costa Rica’s natural beauty and all that constitutes it.  A lovely trip for mom in Manuel Antonio so she can enjoy the beaches and relax. 

In Costa Rica Mother’s Day is held for many years in order to pay tribute to mothers, it is also said that the story also holds true for Catholics as they began the day of the Assumption of Virgin Mary where it is celebrated to give thanks for favors granted. In Academia D’Amore, we study this history with students and share activities as celebrated in each country on August 15; we compare their customs and traditions while learning Spanish.  

Give Mom the opportunity to travel and experience Costa Rica, she deserves it !!!