The weather in the Manuel Antonio and Quepos area is mild all year long. The southerly breezes keep the small country cool during the evening. The average daily temperature rarely exceeds 89 º F. This weather attracts 1.5 million visitors per year to Costa Rica as a whole. The volcanoes, lagoons, lakes, oceans, and rainforests are pleasant add-ons.

Mountain bikers and hikers have the opportunity to climb the ranges and experience the “eternal spring” effect. Unlike most other countries, the mountains typically do not drop below 65 º even in the winter. Aquatic sports enthusiasts, too, submerge themselves in ideal temperatures. The average ocean temperature is 80 º F on the coast.

The Costa Rican summer is the most crowded season in Quepos. This season begins in December and ends in March. The densest traffic arrives in February, during the Quepos Carnival. The days are dry in the early summer months and balmy later on.

The Winter and Spring are both rainy seasons in Quepos. Winter is from May to December. Spring is from April to November. Expect short rain spells in the afternoons and clear, cool evenings. Pack a sweatshirt or light jacket, especially in the wintertime. Always keep an umbrella nearby since tropical storms may approach at any time.

You can see at any time, the current weather in Quepos using this link.

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