Spanish school in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

We are Ticos, friendly and happy. We are proud to live in a free country where we can choose our president and government leaders, which we have never had the history that is communism, slavery, terrorism. 
We have 193 years of being an independent country, held around the country with its brilliant colors. We will see masquerades Maroon with music blaring, children and teen dancing in lines and the beating ofthe drums of the bands with their costumes and dress. Of course we can hear the drums of the bandswho practice in schools. It will be a great day to show where schools show their best performances and performance. 

Students also have the honor to run and carry the lighted torch coming from Guatemala. The torch represents the journey that broke the news of independence to get to Costa Rica. The torch arrives inCosta Rica on September 15 carried by the best students in the country. 

Costa Rica gave herself the responsibility for the organization of the most important activities of theIndependence Day Celebration students of our country, to teach honor, values​​, patriotism and respect forour land. To know the history, tradition and being a good citizen. 

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We feel the spirit of Independence from the time we decorate our homes with patriotic colors and sing the National Anthem at 6:00 pm. When we walk with our children in the night parade, Lantern Parade, when we accompany guard the torch and see our children parade through the streets. 

La Academia D’Amore  invites you to join this great national holiday, to enjoy it with the Ticos, this greatparty and great day.