Spanish for Specific Purposes (S.S.P.)

If your main reason for learning Spanish is to use it in a specific field of action (MEDICINE, LAW, BUSINESS or EDUCATION,) ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE offers you the opportunity to study and concentrate on SPANISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES.

Spanish for Medical Professionals or Student:
This is a linguistic concentration on the Human Body and its anatomy, illnesses and diseases, symptoms and characteristics, prognosis and diagnosis, treatments and procedures, the hospital and its human and physical components.

Spanish for Lawyers or Law Students:
Legal terminology and documentary will be the main focus in this program.  Creation of fictitious legal situations together with analysis of real events will lead the student to a better grasp and usage of legal procedures in a Spanish context.

Spanish for Business Professionals or M.B.A. Students :
Deep study of the language mainly concentrated on different areas of business action and all of the technical terminology involved in this field of work: advertising, marketing, finances, foreign trade, Costa Rican economy.

Spanish for Teachers and Professors:
Learn how to interact in a teaching-learning process setting in Spanish.  The main concentration of this program is based on the teaching procedures: designing the curriculum, planning a class, preparing activities, giving instructions, explaining material and contents of study, learning the Costa Rican educational system.

These programs are offered only under private instruction and the schedules will be designed to the convenience of both teachers and students.

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