Spanish Language Course for Law

Academia de Español D Amore has designed Spanish Language Courses for Specific Purposes and specific professions that require a vocabulary that is not commonly focused on in general Spanish courses.  Besides Spanish language courses for medicine, Academia de Español D Amore also offers Spanish courses for business or law professions.

Spanish for Lawyers or Law Students:

This course specifically targets the very unique language needs of the law enforcement profession. Language development is accomplished through a wide variety of exercises that apply new vocabulary in many practical contexts. Vocabulary and grammatical structures unique to policemen, firemen and others in the law enforcement profession are developed through a very communicative approach.  All of the skill areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening are emphasized.

As most major cities face the demand for larger numbers of police officers, fire fighters, parole officers, and social workers that are fluent in the Spanish language, we have designed a course that specifically targets their very unique language needs.

Studies have shown that crime and violence significantly decrease as the level of communication increases in a community. Studies have shown that crime and violence significantly decrease as the level of communication increases in a community. It is for this reason that more and more law enforcement agencies are actively recruiting employees that can speak Spanish and better help them to reach out to the communities that they need to serve and protect.

Learning Spanish for law is valuable to law enforcement professionals on many levels. In the field it helps them better communicate with witnesses, suspects, and those filing complaints – allowing them to do their job more effectively and more safely. For investigators it helps them communicate with and gain the trust of the Spanish-speaking community that they need as a valuable source of information. From a career standpoint, it makes any law enforcement professional more attractive to would-be employers across all of the different law enforcement agencies.

Some advantages of our course:

  • The Spanish course is specially designed for professionals and students with an interest in this field.
  • Participants will improve communication with Spanish speaking colleagues and clients or customers and learn about the Costarican legal or economic system.
  • Students can choose between one and four weeks of classes, 25 hours per week.
  • Small groups, max.5 participants or one to one lessons.
  • After the completion of the classroom instruction the school will help organizing a suitable placement to practice your Spanish skills in an actual working environment, which will provide an excellent source of future contacts.
  • During the course we organize excursions and activities.
  • Teaching materials.
  • Accommodation in homes with breakfast and dinner, apartments or hotels are available.
  • The lessons will be held in the morning or afternoon schedules, four hours per day.

For this course a working knowledge of basic Spanish is required.

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