Study Spanish in Costa Rica

Spanish Language Programs for Teens in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

    Each summer the Academia de Español D’Amore Spanish Immersion Center sets up a Teen Spanish language program in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Located adjacent to the Manuel Antonio National Park, the program is ideal due to the fact that the town is both safe and provides a complete Spanish immersion environment.

   Teens (high school students) that come to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to study and learn Spanish will find a city surrounded by rainforest and beach, a perfect environment in which to study and learn Spanish in. Students hear very little English and have plenty of opportunity to practice the Spanish that are learning in the Spanish class.

   The Teen Spanish Program in Academia de Español D’Amore is set up as a full Spanish immersion experience. In class all of the high school students are taught completely in Spanish using our books based in the Communicative Approach Learning process. Creating an environment where they study and learn and speak in Spanish, the teens will quickly acquire the Spanish language. Each Spanish class has a maximum of 5 teens.

   As a reinforcement of this Teen Spanish Immersion Program, we also offer free classes that incorporate the interaction of our students with Costa Rican culture.  These classes are more than just a bit of fun.  Rather, they are another unique and memorable way to further one’s Spanish skills:

  • Latin Dance Classes.
  • Tropical Fruit Classes.
  • Latin Music Classes​.

   We hope to see you this summer 2015 at La Academia D’Amore, you can make your registry from now, here we will be gladly help you to plan your great experience learning Spanish in Manuel Antonio.