LA ACADEMIA D’AMORE D’AMORE offers six levels of Spanish proficiency to guarantee the students an appropiate placement. Studients range from absolute beginners to advanced speakers of the language. When students arrive at LA ACADEMIA D’AMORE in Manuel Antonio, they are given an oral proficiency interview  to determine their level. Once placed in a class, students will experience the school’s total immersion methodology in small groups of no more than six individuals. Classes will be held during four hours, froom Monday to Friday (morning or afternoon). In this way, each student is assured attention to his individual academic needs.

One-on-one tutorials are designed especially for people who want to progress at their own pace, work on specific vocabulary, who have special needs or who have limited time available. Private classes are programmed according to the availability of teachers.

An additional free conversation class is offered to enhance and practice what has been learned in casses.