An Adventurous Way of Learning Spanish

ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE is renowned for its teaching methodology based on the holistic way of learning (Total Immersion Methodology.)

The main goal of our school is to guide students towards the achievement of communicative skills that will help them interact in a more comfortable and confident class, home stay, and world setting.

With this objective in mind, ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE offers a high quality program consisting of four hour structured classes, from Monday to Friday.  Courses range from two to eight weeks, depending on the student’s objectives.

An additional “Gratis” Conversation Hour is also offered everyday for students to practice their conversational skills in a very fun and casual setting.

As a reinforcement of this Total Immersion Program, we also offer free classes that incorporate the interaction of our students with Costa Rican culture.  These classes are more than just a bit of fun.  Rather, they are another unique and memorable way to further one’s Spanish skills.

These classes consist of:

  • Latin Dance Classes (Salsa, Merengue, and Cumbia):  Here you will learn how to dance Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia in a fun and entertaining way. You will learn the origin and history of these dances as well as vocabulary of the human body.  Working from the very basic steps to the most artistic pirouettes, you will feel the rhythm of Latin music while moving your body in a healthy and relaxing way. You can practice what you have learned with “ticos and ticas” in the various dancing locales of Manuel Antonio, and Quepos.  You will make friends and improve your Spanish while dancing the night away.
  • Tropical Fruit Classes: Here you will learn the names of some of the most unique and delicious fruits in the world. Chances are you will experience the flavor of fruit you have never seen before.  As a hidden bonus, you will learn vocabulary regarding shapes, sizes, colors and more.
  • Latin Music Classes:  Music and lyrics are one of the most productive strategies to learn Spanish and the culture that is behind it. You will strengthen your listening comprehension skills, grammar patterns, and increase your vocabulary while enjoying some of the most popular Latin American and Spanish singers. Listen, learn, and sing with the most beautiful songs of love, life, and passion. We invite you to bring your musical instruments and play, while singing songs that will captivate your heart and enhance your love for Costa Rican and Latin American culture and folklore.

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