ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE offers a very interactive methodology based on the Communicative Approach through the Total Immersion Methodology of Teaching,  This is a way of teaching in which the target language is taught with strong active use without using any translations at all, and it is completely intended to help students achieve communicative competence since day one.  Students learn the Spanish language in a country where it is spoken and interact (for those applying in the homestay program) with Costa Rican families.  This methodology stresses a means of organizing a language syllabus, and the emphasis is on breaking down the global concept of language into units of analysis in terms of communicative situations in which they are used.


Disregarding that the Communicative Approach is not restricted to textbooks, La Academia de Español D’Amore have designed and presented printed material in lessons that gradually increase their level of complexity, and each lesson is divided in four sections:

  1. Conozcamos la Cultura (Let’s get to know the culture),
  2. Comuniquémonos con Palabras (Let’s learn the vocabulary),
  3. Aprendamos el Sistema (Let’s learn the structure), and
  4. Usemos lo que Aprendimos (Let’s use what we learned).

This methodology goes from the general (#1. presentation of situations about culture and life) to the specifics of vocabulary (#2) and grammar (#3).  Then, we go back to the general, in the last part (#4), by means of practice and reinforcement of what was studied in the first three parts.