Spanish Schools in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Here at La Academia de Español D’Amore, Spanish Immersion Center in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica you can study and learn all the Spanish that will assist you in your job, and life.

      These days everyone lives and breathes football by being part of the football fever with this World Cup Brazil 2014.

     We at La Academia D’Amore want to help you to improve your Spanish, so here we have some important words that can be useful if you try to talk with a native speaker about football.

spanish courses in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

 Also if you have questions and you do not know how ask to someone, there are some important questions that will help you to have a better communication:

·         ¿De qué equipo eres?  Which team do you support?

·         ¿Cuál es el resultado? Who won the match?

·         ¿Cómo van? / ¿Cómo va el marcador?  What’s the score?

·         ¿Cómo terminó el partido? What was the score?

On another side in Spanish we also have some expressions when we are watching the games like:

·         ¡Huuuuyyyy! Por poquito, por poquito,… – oh! That was close…

·         ¡Pero está ciego o qué! – is he blind or what

·         ¡Mala suerte! – What bad luck!

·         Corre! – Run!

·         ¡Mano! – handball!

We are all watching the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and waiting for ‘La Sele’ to win it all!!!!